Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Access to higher education in Ethiopia

Access to higher education throughout the world is expanding, yet some fear that it will not have the equalizing impact that many had hoped. An essay on Ethiopia's attempts to increase access mirrors what is found in many countries around the world - students who have greater economic privilege have greater access and are more successful in completing their degrees.

Wondwosen Tamrat indicated that Ethiopia has expanded public and private institutions and tried to offer opportunity to pursue education readily available to all. While primary education levels of participation across economic strata are close to the same, secondary participation drops, and 87% of technical schools and 82% of university enrollment comes from the wealthiest families. Tamrat suggested that Eastern Europe and Central Asia provide models of how to counteract the impact of economic privilege. It's also not just about access, it's also completion. Students from all socio-economic strata should expect to complete their studies in comparable numbers.

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