Friday, January 23, 2015

Berkeley proposes new kind of branch campus model

While the branch campus phenomenon has been documented as expanding around the world with U.S. institutions as the donor and foreign governments or private entities as the hosts, Berkeley has proposed that it establish an international education hub where international universities come to them. Depicted by Jason Lane as a new form of internationalization partnership, Berkeley officials indicate that hosting foreign universities will counteract the problems of academic freedom sometimes encountered in another country. The article also indicates that Berkeley will cash in on its reputation and location in order to make this new model work.

Evidence of Chinese students' challenges in U.S. study

Perhaps the separation that some educators have observed between Chinese international students and their U.S.A. colleagues may be due to alienation resulting from questions or challenges they encounter. A new study reported in Inside Higher Education revealed that comments of U.S. students are sometimes perceived to be hostile or at least reflecting bias and stereotypes, putting Chinese students in an uncomfortable defensive posture.  Faculty and staff could help buffer these interactions if they were better informed about China and were ready to engage in fostering dialogue.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Evidence of higher education impact

The University World News cites more evidence that higher education provides greater economic opportunity for those living in developing economies.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Unemployment among university graduates

While many in higher education bristle at the suggestion that gaining a university degree should lead to a job, unemployment rates of young people with university degrees in many countries is troubling. While career guidance/development practices will necessarily vary by country/culture, international higher education would do well to look at what they can do to help students clarify their intent. Particularly in cultures where family and status have a strong influence on career decision making, it is important to raise the question of interest and expertise so that young people have ways to negotiate these pressures and/or make changes as their work-lives unfold.

Friday, January 16, 2015

University of Illinois' rise in international students

Inside Higher Education provides an article on the University of Illinois and its raising international student numbers. Elizabeth Redden's article poses important possibilities and challenges, particularly in relation to including international students in the full experience of an American university.