Friday, April 20, 2012

International Association of Universities issues values statement

The International Association of Universities has issued a statement on the drivers, impact, and concerns about emerging higher education around the globe. One of the most powerful points in my estimation is the following quote - #13 of the document:
The prevailing context for higher education internationalization described in this document requires all institutions to revisit and affirm internationalization’s underlying values, principles and goals, including but not limited to: intercultural learning; inter-institutional cooperation; mutual benefit; solidarity; mutual respect; and fair partnership. Internationalization also requires an active, concerted effort to ensure that institutional practices and programs successfully balance academic, financial, prestige and other goals. It requires institutions everywhere to act as responsible global citizens, committed to help shape a global system of higher education that values academic integrity, quality, equitable access, and reciprocity.

The international higher education movement has great potential. But this potential will go unfulfilled if host countries and exporting universities in these partnerships are not careful in sharpening and explicitly espousing their purpose. After the purpose is clearly clarified, then the challenge becomes attracting the kind of faculty and staff, both local and expatriate, who are dedicated to internationalization that is respectful and focused on building independent capacity.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

University World News on internationalization of higher education

The motivations for universities to pursue internationalization efforts are many and varied. This short University World News article captures why so many universities are rushing to become more international.