Thursday, January 23, 2014

Call for more engagement in Middle East

In response to the American Studies Association resolution to boycott academic programs in Israel, an essay calling for more engagement in Middle East higher education by a university president proposes that more, not less, partnership will achieve the best end.  My experience in Qatar has certainly reinforced the positive outcome of partnerships, but the question of how partnerships are chosen and for what purpose is relevant and important if higher education is to maintain its integrity.  Some U.S.A. educators have labeled the boycott of academic partnerships in Israel a violation of academic freedom which I have trouble understanding.  Academic freedom is protection for scholars to be able to express their opinions through research and publication without fear of reprisal for their opinions.  What does that purpose have to do with making strategic decisions to partner with people and programs that are aligned with your goals and where both (or all) partners benefit in substantial ways?

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